Visiting an Osteopath 

When you visit an Osteopath for the first time a full case history will be taken. You may then be asked to remove or loosen some outer clothing so that the osteopath can examine you. You need only remove the clothing you feel comfortable to remove. If you prefer you may wear loose clothing such as a tracksuit or shorts.

If you are in acute pain remember to wear items of clothing that you can easily remove or replace. For example slip-on shoes may be easier than lace-ups; if you have a neck or shoulder problem, a shirt or cardigan may be easier to put on than a sweater.

Examination may involve performing some simple movements, orthopaedic or neurological assessment and osteopathic evaluation by palpation (touch) to determine points of weakness, strain or restriction. The osteopath may need to refer you for additional investigations such as X-Rays, MRI scans or blood tests to allow full diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

If you are or think you might be pregnant, please inform the clinic in confidence before attending for your appointment.

What should I bring?

If you are unsure about which, if any, medication your osteopath may wish to know about, bring a list of them or bottles, packets, tubes, etc.

If you have had X-Rays, MRI scans or other scans or investigations, a copy of the report may be useful. There is no need to bring the original images.

Feel free to bring a friend or family member with you.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment is manual i.e. the osteopath will use his hands to massage, stretch or manipulate as appropriate. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or nervous please say so and treatment will be modified to suit you.

Will I be sore after treatment?

Some patients feel sore for a couple of days after treatment. It may be that the muscles ache after the treatment or there has been some inflammation. Either cause should subside after a day or two.

If you feel you are not improving or if your symptoms worsen telephone the osteopath. Do not wait until your next appointment - he can give advice or if necessary bring your next appointment forward.

What should I do after treatment?

If you have been prescribed medications by your doctor you should continue to take them as prescribed. Your osteopath may suggest an ice-pack or heat pad (hot water bottle) as appropriate.

How long will it take?

Consultations usually take about 30/45 minutes.

If you are unable to attend an appointment please phone to let us know as soon as possible as someone else may be able to avail of your appointment time. There is no cancellation fee.

The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the problem.  Some problems may be resolved with 1 or 2 treatments. Other problems may require ongoing treatment.

Paying for Treatment

Payment is either in cash or by card. Osteopathy is recognised by most Private Healthcare schemes. Expenses not covered by medical insurance are tax reclaimable on your Med1 Form, see


The Osteopathic Council of Ireland is the organisation responsible for promoting and regulating Osteopathy in Ireland. For further information on osteopathy please go to or call (01) 6768819.